My name is Stephanie. Earlier this year, I received five crystalline healings from Shelly Hamilton. These healings were significant and profound for me. There was a great deal of energy shifting that took place. While each of the five healings were significant in their own ways, they brought healing and clarity in the ways that I needed.  One of the most significant changes resulting from the healings has been the healing in my sacrum. Several years ago, I was in three different car accidents over a seven-year timeframe. The accidents left my physical body out of alignment. Even though I received allopathic and alternative treatments, the sessions I had with Shelly shifted not only my energies but my DNA as well. Through the crystal healing sessions, my sacrum has improved significantly.  The healings from Shelly helped my body to heal etherically first so that my physical body could be more receptive to healing at the physical level. I highly encourage anyone who is curious about crystal soul healing to receive a session from Shelly. She is a wonderful facilitator for healing. As an energy healer myself, I am more than happy to share this with everyone. ❣️🌟🙏🏽
Thank you,
Stephanie Gerard
Anchorage, AK


I had a crystalline Soul Healing session with Shelly to help me re-align and focus my energies in my day to day. The session was brief and powerful. Shelly was polite and friendly when we first connected and explained to me the process. Then she answered my questions and guided me to be comfortable. I felt very relaxed. During the healing, I felt peaceful and gentle energy. Afterward, when I was sharing my experience, I started coughing for no reason! Shelly explained this was part of the healing process of releasing. Very interesting. Then Shelly shared with me her impressions which all resonated. We finished the session and I found myself pondering what Shelly had shared with me more deeply. Since our session, I have certainly noticed myself being more focused and organized and if I am feeling unorganized, I simply remember our session and realign to being focused. This Crystalline soul healing experience has left me with no doubt of the powerful transformative energies Shelly works with. Highly recommend.      Francine Commeignes 


Shelly’s unique gift of connecting with me at a deep Soul level, I truly believe, enhanced my Crystalline Soul Healing session. I felt it and knew it in my soul, that this is how it is.  In the days that followed, I felt more connected to source within me and a oneness to all, as my heart space was guiding me to my divine purpose.  I hope many are also divinely guided to experience her amazing healing energy.  Tamara R.


Shelly is an awesome energy healer and teacher. She is able to help you to heal and release any stuck points and help you navigate how to bring them to the surface to heal and release. She does this all from a nonjudgmental, loving place that allows you to be open, vulnerable, and authentic with your emotions and your current life challenges. I highly recommend her and her Crystalline Soul Healings for anyone who is looking for a breakthrough and some peace and clarity in their life. After my session with her, I felt lighter, clearer, and more aligned. I was able to connect with more feelings of joy and abundance, and I also received more messages from my intuition and my higher self. It was an impactful experience and I will continue to utilize these sessions and her insights to help me move through any blocks and stuck points. Natalie Susi

 My session with Patti was truly a gift and one that keeps on giving. The session I had with her using my name and date of birth, has affirmed to me a knowing I have had about myself. Every day since I have felt empowered and I move through my journey towards my aspirations and purpose with more confidence and ease. I hope that if you have a feeling of wanting to know more about yourself and your lineage in this way, you will connect with Patti.
She is amazing!! Tamara R.