Shelly Hamilton


Crystalline Soul Healing 

I’m an awakened soul to my inner Truth,  Energy Practitioner, and channel.  I now know I Am here to assist others in their healing process.

I have always enjoyed helping family, friends, and people I meet along my journey. I pondered becoming a Life Coach at times. Sometimes when talking and listening to others it was like the words would just start flowing out of my mouth and the words would bring light to the situation.  I would also feel this knowingness inside of the information that was flowing out. As the years went by, I found myself continuing to let the words flow out and realized they were coming from deep within.


In 2012 I started experiencing unexplained anxiety. As a result, I turned to meditation as a way to help me deal with this sometimes all-consuming worry and fear. It took a lot of discipline to stay committed to daily mediation practice but eventually, it led me to a greater sense of peace. In meditation, I started to connect deeply to the energy within me and taught myself how to shift the energy, which was an invitation to look further into other healing modalities. 


I was introduced to Reiki, a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing, and became certified in it. Shortly after that I became aware of Light Language and was introduced to Jayme Price a Light Language teacher in Sedona. That course opened me up to another level of connection to myself and other realms. Subsequently, I took Jayme’s Crystalline Soul Healing Modality, which helps to release distorted energies and activates one’s Crystalline Light body. Most recently I completed a powerful course through Blueraypaintings with Francine that took me on a  journey deep within remembrance.  


With Light Language, I began to feel the natural flow of energy expand within myself; and Light Language became a powerful tool during my healings which I incorporate in my sessions today.  This multidimensional language is understood on a soul level, and can powerfully upgrade one’s DNA.  It is a transmutation of energy for each person. However, sometimes the body requires a conscious connection to it.  My ability to interpret, translate, and offer an explanation of what is coming through.

What I have come to realize is that the anxiety was my higher self, my soul guiding me towards my true purpose. I am grateful I listened. I now know I am here is to assist others in their own healing process. My favorite part is witnessing someone’s transformation when they release what no longer serves them and begin to embody their true divine selves.


Part of our awakening process is to acknowledge and release limiting beliefs, and I feel this is required for healing to fully take place and your body to be inflow.  I support and assist you in releasing your energetic blocks which can manifest as physical, mental, and emotional imbalance. This release activates the crystalline DNA and pineal gland.


If you dream to reconnect to your true self, inner light, with ease and grace, to create a stronger geometric flow within your energy field, then Crystalline Soul Healing will support that. I facilitate this healing that communicates directly with your Higher Self. As you become conscious of your energetic blockages you can choose and create clearly rather than react from unconscious programming. This healing activates a deeper understanding of how to fulfill your true potential.


I would be delighted to assist you in your natural state of inner flow so you too can dance to the tune of divinity in oneness.


“My life continues to be a journey of Love, knowing, and remembrance”.




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